Cecchetti Choreographic Competition 2016

Junior Section
The annual Cecchetti Choreographic Competition was held this year on the 6th March at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in Twickenham, Surrey. This is the first year that the Choreographic Competition has been held at Rambert School for Dance, due to our usual venue, Cecil Sharp House, being refurbished.
The Junior Section comprised of 17 solos, 16 duets and 8 group dances of varying styles of dance, including ballet, contemporary and character, with the music variety ranging from classical to current modern. The simple costumes worn by the dancers were full of imagination and were well matched to each dance.
The adjudicators, Tracey Moss and Ross Alley, had an extremely difficult job deciding who would receive awards as the standard was so high, and also because of the sheer variety on show.  Finally the decisions were made, with Ross Alley adjudicating musicality in the dances and Tracey Moss adjudicating for the overall choreography. Both adjudicators gave much encouragement and constructive feedback for the young choreographers to work on. Overall they were very impressed with the use of expression and use of the stage by the dancers.  Each child then received a certificate for taking part in the competition and it was a thoroughly enjoyable morning.
Demetra Moore

Middle and Senior Sections
The annual Cecchetti Choreographic competition is a very special event.  There was a wonderful atmosphere and the energy in the air was almost palpable, both parents and competitors alike were buzzing with excitement. Throughout the morning the Junior competitors had put on a display of wonderfully creative and expressive dances and by midday it was time for the Middle and Senior competitors to take to the stage. 
Needless to say the afternoon was filled with choreographic works that touched on a number of social issues such as “The Awakening”, Bullying and Women’s Rights, as well as more abstract works including a beautiful classical “Pas de Deux”.  It was so uplifting to see young people addressing issues in our society and also just everyday life through the means of movement, music and dance, resulting in a very enjoyable and successful afternoon.
The adjudicators Tracey Moss and Ross Alley had another formidable task ahead of them and they had some helpful ideas at the end of the day, suggestions which competitors could use to create and construct their choreographic pieces for the future.  How fortunate are we as a dance faculty to have such a wonderful platform where we are able to nurture and encourage young dancers and choreographers of this calibre, after all they are the future of Dance.
Tanith Waldie