Cecchetti Children's Award

Cecchetti Children’s Awards 2016

Sunday 6th November 2016

Westminster Kingsway College Theatre,
211 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8RA

Children’s Award 2016 RESULTS

Winner Children’s Award:  Manasa Laxmi Krishna - Julie Cronshaw & Maddy Woolf
Runner Up:  Lola Mathieson - Geena Hird & Poppy Mason
Commended: Romilly Yule - Julie Cronshaw & Maddy Woolf
Winner Associate Performance Shield:  Isabelle McNamara - Julie Cronshaw & Maddy Woolf

review 2016

Although only in its second year, Let’s Make a Competition more than doubled its numbers. Organised and led by Sarah Wells, the children had an exciting, realistic but fun-filled day as though they were in an actual competition but without the stress! Sarah taught simple but pretty exercises which the children soon mastered with her inspiring and motivating manner. The day was busy but relaxed, new friends were made and every child glowed with achievement especially when they received their own certificate and bulging goody bag after performing for their families. Let’s Make a Competition is proving an invaluable ice-breaker for the first nerve-wracking competition that can be applied for when children are a year older.

This year Judith Wilson organised her very last Children’s Award before she hands over her great knowledge and expertise to Lisa Hunter. Presented by Sarah Bradshaw, this first level of competition was less well attended but with no less enthusiasm by the children. All knew the set work well, thanks to the hard working teachers who put in so much time. Being able to choose their own leotard colour brings out the child’s personality and brightens the stage (every colour of the rainbow this year). The children clearly enjoyed the final dance, choreographed by Alison dos Santos, miming and leaping with great gusto and confidence.

Adjudicator Juliet Locks gave helpful comments and encouragement to the Let’s Make a Competition dancers and awarded the prizes to the selected Children’s Award winners.  Faculty Chair Catherine Hutchon thanked Miss Locks, the pianists Anna Williams and Evie Preston for their lovely music and also the Cecchetti Group and their Chair Liz James and all who worked backstage to make the day such a success. 

Being held at a different weekend from the Mabel Ryan Awards made the day less pressured for the organisers and many helpers, who also made new friends and managed not to get lost between rooms and corridors; a delightful day of achievement for everyone. I’m looking forward to next year already!
Yolande Parkin

Children’s Awards information

The Cecchetti Children’s Awards are organised by the Cecchetti Group and Cecchetti Classical Ballet Faculty and are part of the annual Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards.  The aim is to encourage dance quality and to demonstrate the high standard of children training in the Cecchetti Method and are an opportunity for young children to gain experience of performing and competing in a friendly atmosphere.

Entry Requirements

  1. The competitor must be under 10 years by the 1st September of the year in which the Award takes place.
  2. The competitor must have passed Grade 2 only (no higher) and or Standard 3 in the Cecchetti Method with a result of 70% or above in their most recent Grade examination.
  3. A competitor who has won the Children’s Award may not enter for this Award again

For further information about these Awards and enquiries to: -

Organiser: Elizabeth James
Email: elizabethjames377@btinternet.com  
Tel: 01752 872671