Cecchetti Children’s Awards 2018

Sunday 11th November 2018

Westminster Kingsway College Theatre,
211 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8R

children’s award 2018 results

Children's Award Winner:
Melody Chan - Kathryn Lawrence

Children's Award Runners up
Lucy Crawford - Karen Speers
Eady Parmenter - Emma Jane Padfield

Cecchetti Associates Performance Award Winner
Carrie Kitchen - Belinda Payne

Cecchetti Associates Performance Award Runner up
Isabella Pattison - Anthea Barnes

Rosa Slater - Julie Cronshaw
Maria Sudman - Silke Mackay
Yan Han Tan - Lianne Cheong
Ayaka Yoshida - Tanith Waldie

Cecchetti children’s Award & let's make a competition information

The Cecchetti Children’s Awards are organised by the Cecchetti Group and Cecchetti Classical Ballet Faculty.  The aim is to encourage dance quality and to demonstrate the high standard of children training in the Cecchetti Method and are an opportunity for young children to gain experience of performing and competing in a friendly atmosphere.

Let’s Make a Competition is a workshop for aspiring young dancers who have not yet taken part in a Cecchetti Classical Ballet competition - London or Regional Awards.  Children will participate in a class and rehearsals during the day. They will be taught exercises that will be performed to parents and teachers at the end of the day in a format representing a competition. An invited guest will watch the performance and will give encouragement and advice at the end to all the children participating. No prior
knowledge is required as all work will be taught during the classes and rehearsals. The day will give the young dancers an insight into what it is like to participate and present themselves in a competition, but in the relaxed atmosphere of a workshop day.

The dancers must have passed Grade 1 or Standard 2 Cecchetti Ballet (not higher) and
be under 10 years of age on 1st September 2018.

The Children’s Award is a friendly competition for young dancers at the very first level of the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards. Dancers perform set class work and a dance. There will be the opportunity for competitors to familiarise themselves with the stage and run through the work and their dances before performing to an audience and the Adjudicator.

The dancers must have passed Grade 2 or Standard 3 Cecchetti Ballet (not higher)
with a result of 70% or above, and be under 11 years of age on 1st September 2018.

Further information for Let's Make a Competition, and ticket information for both events,
are available from Elizabeth James
Tel: 01752 872671 or email elizabethjames377@btinternet.com

The teachers' work pack for the Children's Award is available from Lisa Hunter
Tel: 01832 272981 or email lisa@oundleschoolofballet.co.uk