Cecchetti Choreographic Competition

Sunday 11th March 2018

Cecil Sharp House, London NW1 7AY


The Cecchetti Children’s Choreographic Competition is a very popular, long established event and young dancers studying the Cecchetti method have the opportunity to develop their skills in the world of choreography.

The Choreographic Competition was for many years under the organisation of Barbara Geoghegan - the earliest programme is dated 1963. Cyril Beaumont was one of the first adjudicators and Ena Child was invited to adjudicate the musicality of the competitors.  Susan Handy, Juliet Locks and Wendy Mitchell in their turn all lead, developed and promoted the Competition and the current organisers are Claire Hern and Belinda Payne, who work with the support of the Cecchetti Group and their Chair, Elizabeth James.  Today adjudicators include dance artists or respected members of the teaching profession who bring their own choreographic experience and expertise to inform their adjudication.

The Choreographic Competition has three sections, and each section is sub-divided into solos, duets and groups.

Entry Criteria

  • Junior - aged 7 to 11 years
  • Middle - aged 11 to 14 years
  • Senior - aged 14 to 18 years

Further information about the Choreographic Competition is available from
Organiser: Claire Hern
Email: cecchettichoreo@aol.com
Tel: +44 (0)1588 660844Review




Solo - WinnerAva Dauley, (Alison Allen)  Flying
Runner Up: Elizabeth Caffa, (Angelina Spurrier) The Rise of the Phoenix

Duet - Winner: Ella Baum & Polly Ashton-Prevett, (Jane Worsley) Dangerous Chemicals Don’t Mix
Runner Up: Sophie Farrant & Josie Wilkinson (Jane Worsley) Police Patrol

Trio/Group - Winner: Olivia Rnjak(Wendy Mitchell) On the Go
Runner Up: Kitty Lees (Wendy Mitchell) Caught in the Net

Solo - Winner: Anya Marie Dionisio (Silke Mackay) Boom Box
Runner Up: Hannah Orman (Hayley Cheneler/Sandra Powell) Finding Myself

Duet - Winner: Caroline Daval & Naomi Munday (Silke Mackay) The Cygnet Rehearsal
Runner Up:  Georgina Bradley & Lydia Mae Antoniou (Maddy Wynne-Jones) Girl in the Picture

Trio/Group - Winner: Anya Marie Dionisio (Silke Mackay) Decisions
Runner Up: Edie Marriage Massey (Cronshaw/Woolf) Wonderland Without Alice


Solo - Winner:  Ashley Cheung (Mary Goodhew) Classical Variation
Runner Up: Polly Waring (Jane Worsley) Swansong

Duet - Winner: Darcey Regan & Lois Regan (Jane Worsley) Guiding Light
Runner Up: Ethan Macfarlane & Hannah Martin(Mary Goodhew) The Painter

Trio/Group - Winner: Martha Richardson (Jane Worsley) A World of Silence
Runner Up: Elise Smith (Mary Goodhew) Grand Valse



Solo - Winner: Natalia Valasquez-Smith (Angelina Spurrier) Life in the Jungle
Runner Up: Emily Licis (Jane Worsley) Come and Play

Duet - Winner: Hannah Burnett & Scarlett Delaney (Silke Mackay) Break Up Make Up
Runner Up: Irma Bates & Alice Green ( Jane Worsley) Come and Play

Trio/Group - Winner: Kate O’Kelly( Raquel Gaviria) Daisy Chain
Runner Up: Olivia Rnjak (Wendy Mitchell) On the Go


Solo - Winner: Ellie Fraser (Mary Goodhew) Springtime
Runner Up: Susannah Neave (Hayley Cheneler/ Sandra Powell) Memory

Duet - Winner: Cicely Walters & Lois Lathan-Allen (Jane Worsley) Storm
Runner Up: Georgina Bradley & Lydia Mae Antoniou (Maddy Wynne Jones) Girl in the Picture

Trio/Group - Winner: Edie Marriage Massey ( Cronshaw/Woolf) Wonderland Without Alice
Runner Up: Niamh Mason (Jane Worsley) Back to Bed


Solo - Winner: Jessica Robbings (Mary Goodhew) Jungle
Runner Up: Hannah Martin (Mary Goodhew) The Escape

Duet - Winner: Ella Lathan-Allen & Hebe Salmon (Jane Worsley) One
Runner Up: Samantha Penner & Lola Walters ( Jane Worsley) Reflections

Trio/Group - Winner: Martha Richardson ( Jane Worsley) A World of Silence
Runner Up: Bethany Clarke (Lucy Pohl) Daisy’s Delinquent Dancers



Barbara Geoghegan Cup for the best duet: 
Darcey Regan & Lois Regan (Jane Worsley) Guiding Light

Richard Glasstone Award for best trio/group:
Martha Richardson (Jane Worsley) A World of Silence

Jane Worsley Cup for the best story:  
Edie Marriage Massey (Cronshaw/Woolf) Wonderland Without Alice

Susan Handy Cup for Musicality: Ava Dauley (Alison Allent) Flying