Cecchetti Choreographic Competition

11th march 2018 - RESULTS

CHOREOGRAPHY: ADJUDICATOR mrs Christina blackburn


Solo - WinnerLola Mathieson, (Poppy Mason/Geena Hird)  Fuego
Runner Up: Emil Licis (Jane Worsley) The Dancing Potion

Duet - Winner: Alexis Mac & Anna McMurray (Lianne Cheong) Friendship in the Forest
Runner Up: Charlotte Taylor & Rosa Sedeno (Jacqui Lewis) The Journey of the Young Swans

Trio/Group - Winner: Phoebe Parenzee (Juliet Locks/Lucy Pohl) Forest Friends
Runner Up: Alannah Mason (Jane Worsley) Superheroes in Training

Solo - Winner: Izzi Aylmer (Lianne Cheong) Into the Air
Runner Up: Frank Davison (Angelina Spurrier) The Fall

Duet - Winner: Chrystyna Hordiyevych & Maia Naylor (Amy Findlay) Balance
Runner Up:  Cicely Walters & Lois Lathan-Allen (Jane Worsley) The Road to Cairo

Trio/Group - Winner: Caroline Daval (Silke Mackay) La Lune et Le Soleil
Runner Up: Alice Green (Jane Worsley) Caveman's Discovery


Solo - Winner:  Graciela Mariqueo-Smith (Angelina Spurrier) Storms won't last forever
Runner Up: Samantha Penner (Jane Worsley) Captive

Duet - Winner: Ruby McNamara & Olivia Rodgers (Julie Cronshaw) Detached
Runner Up: Artemis Morgan & Naias Morgan (Maddy Woolf) Silhouettes

Trio/Group - Winner: Samantha Penner (Jane Worsley) Deviation



Solo - Winner: Ava Dauley (Alison Allen) Unconditionally
Runner Up: Reena Dhuga (Lianne Cheong) Bhangra

Duet - Winner: Alexis Jagdev & Calvin Jagdev (Emma-Jane Padfield) The Forest Hunt
Runner Up: Ella Baum & Polly Ashton-Prevett ( Jane Worsley) Wild Camping

Trio/Group - Winner: Miranda Leigh (Vanessa Gardner) Jewel in the Forest
Runner Up: Jessica Cobb (Jane Worlsey) Pancakes


Solo - Winner: Erika Hewitt (Lisa Hunter) Butterfly
Runner Up: Olivia Stokely (Wendy Mitchell) The Circus Ringmaster

Duet - Winner: Pearl Belgrave & Layla Pick (Jane Worsley) The Arrogant & Ambitious Flamingo
Runner Up: Georgina Bradley & Lydia  Antoniou (Julie Cronshaw) Mischievous Souls

Trio/Group - Winner: Isabel Lovelock (Silke Mackay) Debacle Diner
Runner Up: Joshephine Wilkinson (Jane Worsley) Secrets of the Statues


Solo - Winner: Naomi Munday (Silke Mackay) An Honourable Death
Runner Up: Pierre Giudicelli (Jane Worsley) Ne Me Quittes Pas

Duet - Winner: Julia Petrou & Hanna Wright (Juliet Locks/Lucy Pohl)                                         Every Queen needs her Crown
Runner Up: Samantha Penner & Pierre Giudicelli-Probin (Jane Worsley) The Woods

Trio/Group - Winner: Polly Waring ( Jane Worsley) Out Damned Spot


Barbara Geoghegan Cup for the best duet: 
 Ruby McNamara & Olivia Rodgers (Julie Cronshaw) Detached

Richard Glasstone Award for best trio/group:
Polly Waring ( Jane Worsley) Out Damned Spot

Jane Worsley Cup for the best story:  
Olivia Stokely (Wendy Mitchell) The Circus Ringmaster

Susan Handy Cup for Musicality: Julia Petrou & Hanna Wright (Juliet Locks/Lucy Pohl)             Every Queen needs her Crown

2019 awards

Sunday 10th March 2019
Cecil Sharp House, London NW1 7AY


The Cecchetti Children’s Choreographic Competition is a very popular, long established event and young dancers studying the Cecchetti method have the opportunity to develop their skills in the world of choreography.

The Choreographic Competition was for many years under the organisation of Barbara Geoghegan - the earliest programme is dated 1963. Cyril Beaumont was one of the first adjudicators and Ena Child was invited to adjudicate the musicality of the competitors.  Susan Handy, Juliet Locks and Wendy Mitchell in their turn all lead, developed and promoted the Competition and the current organisers are Claire Hern and Belinda Payne, who work with the support of the Cecchetti Group and their Chair, Elizabeth James.  Today adjudicators include dance artists or respected members of the teaching profession who bring their own choreographic experience and expertise to inform their adjudication.

The Choreographic Competition has three sections, and each section is sub-divided into solos, duets and groups.

Entry Criteria

  • Junior - aged 7 to 11 years
  • Middle - aged 11 to 14 years
  • Senior - aged 14 to 18 years

Further information about the Choreographic Competition is available from
Organiser: Claire Hern
Email: cecchettichoreo@aol.com
Tel: +44 (0)1588 660844Review