Cecchetti Children's Award

Cecchetti Children’s Awards 2017

Sunday 5th November 2017 - results

Westminster Kingsway College Theatre,
211 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8R

Winner: Iris Gazet  - Susan Handy/Melanie Bull/Sarah Bradshaw
Runner Up: Ayaka Yoshida - Tanith Waldie

Cecchetti Associates Performance Award

Winner: Sayaka Suwa - Tanith Waldie
Runner Up: Maria Sudman - Silke Mackay

Hermione Hallett - Lucy Pohl/Juliet Locks
Heidi Sear - Emma Jane Padfield
Herbert Mandeville - Jacky Wood

Children’s Awards information

The Cecchetti Children’s Awards are organised by the Cecchetti Group and Cecchetti Classical Ballet Faculty.  The aim is to encourage dance quality and to demonstrate the high standard of children training in the Cecchetti Method and are an opportunity for young children to gain experience of performing and competing in a friendly atmosphere.

Organiser: Elizabeth James

Tel: 01752 872671
Email: elizabethjames377@btinternet.com