Cecchetti Examinations

In order to meet the needs of the young child, at both pre-vocational and recreational levels, as well as those of the vocational student, the Cecchetti Society Classical Ballet Faculty has evolved a series of examinations validated by the ISTD. Their value lies in giving pupils and teachers a specific goal to work towards at a particular stage in training, and a sense of accomplishment in achieving that goal. Vocational examinations for older students to help prepare those who are considering a career in dance as a performer or teacher, or are training at a Vocational School. To find our more about the ISTD examination syllabi go to www.istd.org



Class Examinations are designed both for young children beginning ballet and later for those learning ballet for enjoyment and recreation, usually attending classes once a week. The examination is conducted in small groups with the teacher present.  Examinations range from Pre- Primary, Primary and Standards 1-6. Senior Certificates 1&2 are offered for older students.



Grade Examinations Levels 1-6 are offered for those young dancers who wish to study ballet in greater depth.  The teacher is not present during the examination and the examinations have a greater technical focus than class examinations. They are a preparation for those students who would like to continue to study at a Vocational level



Vocational examinations are designed for older students who wish to study ballet in depth. At the highest levels the work is studied at full time vocational training schools, preparing students for a performance or teaching career.  The exams range from Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced 2 and Diploma.