Cecchetti Legacy Fundraising Project

Filming of the Diploma Work

The legacy of Enrico Cecchetti is unique and the Cecchetti Society Trust has long wanted to be able to record the most advanced Cecchetti work for future generations, but such a project is ambitious and expensive. The project aim is to film the Diploma work in a heritage DVD. As well as being a vital teaching support for Cecchetti teachers and students, the DVD will be an accessible resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the rich Cecchetti legacy.

The Society is greatly indebted to a small group of very generous Cecchetti ‘friends’ - the Cecchetti Legacy Fundraising Group - who have already raised some £80,000. Together with support from the Cecchetti Trust, thismeans that the major undertaking of filming of the Diploma work is well underway with dancers form The Royal Ballet and Brimingham Royal Ballet participating.   Whilst the fund raising efforts for this exciting project have been fantastic – there is still more to do!   If you would like to make a donation to the Legacy Project any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.