What can a donation support?

The Trust welcomes donations of any value, but the examples below give an indication of what a donation could support.

£30 would support a ticket to attend Cecchetti Day for a Cecchetti volunteer
£60 would support a young teacher attend a Course at the Cecchetti Centre
£100 would support a Cecchetti Scholar in class for a day
£500 would support a Bursary for a student or teacher to attend a UK Summer School
£1,000 would support a Bursary for a talented young dancer to attend a Cecchetti International competition
£2,000 would enable a Donor to have a Competition Award given in their name
£5,000 would support a day of filming for a Cecchetti heritage project with professional dancers from The Royal Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet

Are gifts eligible for Gift Aid?

The Trust is a registered charity.  If you are a UK tax payer your gift would be eligible for Gift Aid and this increases the value of your donation by 25% to the Trust.  You need to complete the section on the application form

How will my donation be used?

The Trust does not usually specify how a gift will be used, but allocates donated funds to best meet the requests for support received.  However, donors are most welcome to indicate if a particular aspect of the Trust’s work is of special interest to them e.g. supporting young dancers, supporting teachers, Cecchetti Scholars, the Cecchetti Centre, Cecchetti Performance Awards, educational events and heritage projects.


The Cecchetti Society Trust would be delighted if you would consider leaving a Gift to celebrate your interest and love of the Cecchetti Method.  Any legacy to the Trust should be discussed with your solicitor and details sent to the Chairman of the Trust, 28 Prykes Drive, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1TP.


If you would like to donate to the Cecchetti Trust please complete and return the attached form.