Wales & West Awards

Sunday 12th FEBRUARY 2017

Congress Theatre, Cwmbran, Wales, NP44 1PL

Originally named the Mabel Ryan Regional Awards, the Wales and the West Awards started in around 1990.  These awards give children the experience of performing on stage in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

There are three sections: Junior, Middle and Senior.  Competitors perform in groups on stage, demonstrating a series of exercises from Port de Bras to Allegro, followed by a set dance from that level.  Spectators are always encouraged.  The Vacani Award (Junior) for the Joy of Dance, and the Pamela Miller Award (Middle and Senior) for Musicality are adjudicated separately within the competition.

Entry Criteria

Junior - aged 9 or under on 1st September of the year preceding the competition, and holding Grade 1 or Standard 2
Middle - aged 12 or under on 1st September of the year preceding the competition, and holding Grade 2 or Standard 3
Senior - aged 16 or under on 1st September of the year preceding the competition, and holding Grade 4 or Standard 5

Students holding Intermediate Foundation or Intermediate may not enter.  A competitor who has won an award may not enter for that level again.


For further information about these awards please contact : -

Organiser: Carol Goode
Tel: 01633 771830

Organiser: Jacqui Everson
Tel:01495 756567
or 07962 233396

wales & west AREA AWARDS

Kathryn Lawrence

Early on Sunday 25th January over forty dancers arrived at the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran to perform in the Junior Section of the Wales and West Cecchetti Ballet Awards.  The theatre has a good size stage, lovely auditorium and backstage facilities.  For many of the younger dancers this was their first time performing on stage with a large audience and there was much excitement backstage.
Jacqui Everson welcomed everyone to the Awards which started in its present format eleven years ago and then introduced Jenny Hall, Adjudicator for the day.  We were also very privileged to be joined by Catherine Hutchon
Chairof the Cecchetti Faculty Committee.  The work was presented to the competitors on stage by Carol Goode and the pianist for the day was Penny Hughes,  who regularly plays for the Cecchetti Welsh Associate Classes and the Royal Ballet Associates.     
 The Awards commenced withthe students of the Junior Section and then Jenny Hall was invited on to the stage to give her comments and announce the winners.   She congratulated the young dancers and commented that they all danced beautifully.  In providing some guidance for the future, she told the children to look towards the audience more and to avoid checking the floor as it will always be there! 
After lunch came the turn of the forty competitors in the Middle Section, to present the work which they had learnt in their own lessons and to perform their solo dances.  The middle section competitors then had the opportunity to watch the dancers in the Senior Section.  The Middle Section work was presented on stage by Kathryn Lawrence and the Senior Section work was presented by Jacqui Everson.  After a short interval Jenny Hall was invited back to the stage to give her comments on the two sections and their results.  She congratulated all the competitors and said she had really enjoyed watching them dance.   She suggested that she would like dancers in the Middle Section to really use their eyes and work more on lengthening their upper body and to extend their arms to make everything appear bigger.  In the Senior Section she would like them to use their heads more, and reminded them that in the 1st Port de Bras exercise they should incline their heads and not turn them. 
After announcing the winners Jenny Hall thanked Carol Goode and Jacqui Everson for arranging the competition and inviting her to attend.  Two young competitors presented beautiful spring flower arrangements to Jenny Hall and to Penny Hughes. 



Winner Olivia Bant, Lesley Tipples
Runner Up: Isabella Bant, Lesley Tipples
Vacani Award: Liliana Davey Lesley Tipples
Joy of Dance Award : Lauren Price, Lesley Tipples

Middle Section

Winner: Ruby Beard, Kathryn Lawrence
Runner Up: Emily Tucker,  Lesley Tipples
Musicality Award : Chloe Chan, Kathryn Lawrence

Senior Section

Winner: Leah Owen, Jacqui Everson
Runner Up: Carrie Richard, Carol Goode
Musicality Award: Carrie Richards, Carol Goode