Wales & West Awards

11th FEBRUARY 2018 - review and results

We were very fortunate to welcome Darius James, Artistic Director of Ballet Cymru, to adjudicate this year’s Wales and West Cecchetti Awards. They were well attended with 114 children participating from 9 dancing schools.

Mr James came onto the stage after the Junior section and again after the Middles and Seniors had danced to talk to the dancers and the audience and to present the awards.  He congratulated all the dancers on their dancing and his comments ensured that they all felt valued. He praised the dancers for their hard work and understood that for some it was a new experience to dance on stage. Mr James advised all the dancers to demonstrate their joy of dance and to really express this to their audience and he stressed the importance of keeping the eye-line high and projecting outwards. He also advised the dancers to be mindful of fully stretching their legs and feet, and of extending their line by using their upper body well, to ensure that their technique is sound.

Kathryn Lawrence presented the Junior work; Carol Goode, the Middle work and Jacqui Everson, the Senior work. After presenting the awards Mr James thanked Carol Goode and Jacqui Everson for organising the competition; Penny Hughes for accompanying the dancers so musically; Linda Uruttia for preparing a delicious lunch.  Mr James showed his appreciation of all involved in making this a positive and joyful experience for the children. Flowers and wine were presented to Penny Hughes and Darius James.

Helen Dubovie Brown



Winner  Ellie Young, Samantha Reed
Runner Up  Melody Chan, Kathryn Lawrence
Vacani Award Joy of Dance   Daisy Ellis, Samantha Reed

Middle Section

Winner  Faith Sorlie-Pring, Fiona Bartlett
Runner Up  Molly Williams, Lesley Tipples
Pamela Miller Musicality Award   Amelia Johnson, Jacqui Everson

Senior Section

Winner  Ruby Beard, Kathryn Lawrence
Runner Up  Neve Salisbury, Lesley Tipples
Pamela Miller Musicality Award  Chloe Chan, Kathryn Lawrence

2019 awards

sunday 10th february 2019
Congress Theatre, Cwmbran, Wales, NP44 1PL

Originally named the Mabel Ryan Regional Awards, the Wales and the West Awards started in around 1990.  These awards give children the experience of performing on stage in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

There are three sections: Junior, Middle and Senior.  Competitors perform in groups on stage, demonstrating a series of exercises from Port de Bras to Allegro, followed by a set dance from that level.  Spectators are always encouraged.  The Vacani Award (Junior) for the Joy of Dance, and the Pamela Miller Award (Middle and Senior) for Musicality are adjudicated separately within the competition

Entry Criteria

Junior - aged 9 or under on 1st September of the year preceding the competition, and holding Grade 1 or Standard 2
Middle - aged 12 or under on 1st September of the year preceding the competition, and holding Grade 2 or Standard 3
Senior - aged 16 or under on 1st September of the year preceding the competition, and holding Grade 4 or Standard 5

Students holding Intermediate Foundation or Intermediate may not enter.  A competitor who has won an award may not enter for that level again.


For further information about these awards please contact : -

Organiser: Carol Goode
Tel: 01633 771830

Organiser: Jacqui Everson
Tel:01495 756567
or 07962 233396