The Cecchetti Society Trust


the Cecchetti society Trust

The Cecchetti Society Trust was created to promote and support the art of classical ballet and in particular, the Cecchetti Method of training in classical ballet.  The Trust which is a Registered UK Charity No. 275548 achieves this aim in a variety of ways - including offering support to individual young ballet dancers and teachers to train, and also through publicising and promoting Cecchetti Classical ballet and producing educational resources.

The Trust was established through a legacy from Cyril Beaumont, the renowned dance historian and writer, and was formed by a Declaration of Trust on 20th March 1978 with the object of: - 

The advancement of the education of the public in the art of classical ballet and in particular that art as perpetuated by the Cecchetti Method to include the furtherance of the Cecchetti Method of Training, the holding of classes and courses in classical ballet, organising of conferences and seminars on teaching methods and the publication of educational literature on ballet.’ 

The current Trustees are:

  • Miss Elisabeth Swan (Chair)
  • Dame Monica Mason DBE (Vice-Chair)
  • Mrs Sandy Mitchell
  • Miss Diane Van Schoor
  • Mr John Morgan
  • Mr Christopher Nourse
  • Ms Catherine Hutchon

Cecchetti and Anna Pavlova

The Trust through careful managemnt of invested funds is able to support a number of activities annually.  These include bursaries for training, support for th e Cecchetti Scolars, the Cecchetti Centre, Cecchetti Performance Awards, educational events and heritgae projects. 

Donations to the Trust are needed both to sustain the existing levels of support, but also to meet the increasing interest in Cecchetti Classical Ballet and the increased demands on funds that this exciting expansion needs. 

The Cecchetti Society Trust would be most grateful for support from generous donors who are passionate about the art of classical ballet and who would commit to becoming an annual Friend of the Cecchetti Society Trust.  To find out more about what a donation could support please go to Donate